Michelle Aguillon

(Pronouns She/Her/Hers) Human/Mom/Director/Producer/Actor/Writer, New England/Boston
Creative Arts/StageSource/Eastern MA Association of Community Theaters/Asian American Playwright Collective (AAPC)

“I admire the amazing work by Sam Gould and Christopher S. Robinson. Their mission to make the theater experience accessible to and by disabled theater artists is unmatched. Their sense of community is broader than most theater artists that I know. They are visionaries – advocating for opportunities for humans of all backgrounds, creating a diverse world where all people of all ages, abilities, races, genders, religion, nationalities, socioeconomic backgrounds, and sexual orientation can overcome challenges to express themselves as artists. I will always get behind them and support what they do!”

Alex Lonati

Community & Artistic Programs Manager, SpeakEasy Stage Co.

“I’ve been leading my organization in an accessibility journey for a few years now and the benefit of being able to ask questions and learn from my colleagues in the field is honestly immeasurable. Be it everyday matters of language or contacts, or larger conceptual challenges of identifying funding sources or building an audience, I have relied heavily on Sam and the wisdom she’s been willing to share. Vox is so generous and eager to help, and I’ve found that to be enormously beneficial in my own personal growth, as well as that of the organization for whom I work.”

Rene Pfister

(Pronouns: He, Him, His) Artistic Director, BTAC

Berklee Theater Arts Collaborative Associate Professor, Voice Department, Berklee College of Music

ETUDE (Enhancing Teaching through an Understanding of Diversity and Equity)

“I first started working with Sam Gould in 2006 as a music director and director. I immediately fell in love with the community that she had created and the creativity it fostered and asked to direct and present my original show the year after. Sam Gould’s mission and intent is to create community minded inclusive theater for everyone both on the stage and off, not just in Open Door Theater productions but in all productions throughout New England.  She is tireless in learning new languages (ASL) and new ways of being on stage and off for all bodies, and is at the forefront of breaking the limitations of conventional mainstream theater.  Even during the pandemic she found ways to create safe theater experiences for her community in parking lots.  There is no one I know more dedicated to the pursuit of engaging, creative theater that is inclusive and fun.”

Gamalia Pharms

Actor and Audio Describer

“I am writing in support of Sam Gould and Chris Robinson’s new non profit, “Think Outside the Vox.” Last year, I was invited to participate in free training and follow-up of an Audio Description course Sam and Chris held, intended to bring diversity to the Audio Description pool of describers. Thanks to this training and support, I have worked at numerous local theaters as an audio describer on a variety of shows. I am very grateful for Sam and Chris’ support and encouragement.  With Sam’s Open Door Theater, and Chris’ ASL work, in addition the the training I attended, I see that they honestly “Walk the Walk” in regards to anti ableism and anti racism.”

Julie Simon, Ph.D., RID CI & CT

Box Office and Accessibility Manager, Oregon Cabaret Theatre

“Sam and Chris of Think Outside the Vox are leaders in the field of accessibility within performing arts settings.  Their dedication and passion for making theater welcoming to everyone, both front of house and back of house, on-stage and off-stage, is unwavering. They work tirelessly with theaters of all sizes, encouraging them to incorporate anti-ableist and anti-racist practices within their organizations for company members and patrons. I have had the good fortune of working with them as colleagues, as theatrical consultants, and with Chris as an ASL Interpreter, and have always appreciated their insights on ways to ensure equitable experiences for all.”