New York Public Library Technology Conference

Think Outside The Vox was in NYC to recreate our 2023 The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts LEAD Conference presentation on Cultural Competency in Audio Description. Deaf, Blind, DeafBlind and other disability stakeholders from the West Indes, the Caribbean, India and other places were in the room! Gotta be in New York for that to happen, right?!

Thomas Reid of Reid My Mind podcast ( is acknowledged by Nefertiti as a leader and influence in the conversation. (Shout out to Nefertiti Matos Olivares and the legacy of multilingual, culturally competent and high profile audio description art that you have been able to create! #RepresentationMatters)

Cheryl Green. Shout out to you, too for your expertise in the field and unwavering commitment to center blind stakeholders in the profession of Audio Description. You’ve raised the water level of allyship practice and we’ll all rise accordingly.

Thanks to both of you for bearing some of the legacy weight of this revolutionary goal – to bring Anti-Ableism and Anti-racism practices to Audio Description and turn it into Disability Joy (as Talila Lewis would say).

Thank you, New York. for having us!

Two people taking a selfie.
Black female with shoulder length locs wearing a silver tiara and silver sash over a black jacket and white blouse stands to the right of Christopher Robinson, bearded, short black hair and wearing glasses. The text on the sash reads “Ms. Independent.” She is Kiana V. Glanton, Ms. Blind Diva 2023!