About Us

Our Mission

Think Outside the Vox closes the gap between Deaf/Disabled patrons, BIPOC/AAPI/marginalized/disabled access providers, and arts organizations, which are often inaccessible. We provide arts access consulting and training that centers on anti-ableist/anti-racist disability culture for arts institutions. By customizing access plans equitably and sustainably, we aim to implement measurable change within the sector. Vox focuses on widening the breadth and scope of accessible programming by facilitating the hiring of disabled and marginalized artists and experts.

Our Vision and Impact

Addressing Barriers

We aim to dismantle systemic and programmatic hurdles such as limited knowledge, apprehensions, budgetary constraints, and insular networks.

Creating System-wide Change

Our initiatives lead to broader impacts by:

  • Boosting the proficiency and cultural competency of access providers.
  • Enlightening and educating arts leaders.
  • Delivering vital access services to existing and prospective audience members.
  • Creating employment for marginalized (deaf/disabled/BIPOC/AAPI/LGBTQ+) workers.

Shaping the Arts Community

Our ambition is to foster growth and culture shift in arts organizations, their personnel, leaders, and the wider community to include more access points in the offerings and more marginalized experts on their teams.

Our Board of Directors

All board members and consultants identify as minorities, including affiliations with Deaf and/or disabled, BIPOC/AAPI, and LGBTQ+ communities, and possess substantial art access experience.

Headshot of Sam, an Ashkenazi Jewish woman with short hair in a black jacket

Samantha Gould Kriveshko, J.D.
(a.k.a. Sam Gould)

Founder, President, Treasurer

Headshot of Christopher, an African American man in a purple shirt, standing outdoors in front of a green leafy backdrop, smiling

Christopher Robinson
(a.k.a. Chris Robinson)

Founder, Vice President, Clerk

Headshot of David, a smiling muscular black man wearing a black v-neck shirt

David Heard

Board Member
Actor, Audio Describer, Writer, Consultant

Cori Couture

Board Member
Audio Describer, Consultant

Headshot of Kristin, a smiling  Deaf, tall, thin woman of Danish, English, French and German descent with brown hair and hazel eyes.

Kristin Johnson

Board Member
Director of Artistic Sign Language, Deaf Consultant

Amber Pearcy

Board Member
Blind Consultant, Braille Transcriber, Grant Writer

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