Welcome to the Resource Page of Think Outside the Vox. Here, we provide a wealth of resources and information to support accessibility in the arts. Explore our guides, tools, and links to external resources to enhance your understanding and implementation of accessible practices.

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This guide is a brief introduction to how to utilize alternative text online, in emails, and in social media, to ensure that your media is accessible for visually impaired users.

Arts Boston has a calendar of upcoming accessible performances.

Details on the Massachusetts Cultural Council’s initiatives and resources.

  • Access Policy Guide: A comprehensive guide to available Arts Access Services, Definitions and Resources
  • Universal Participation Initiative: The MCC’s UP Inclusive Design Initiative seeks to inspire organizations to use design to anticipate and accommodate the full spectrum of human ability.

Comprehensive resources for audio description in media and live performances.

Additional resources and initiatives for accessibility in the arts.

  • VSA Massachusetts:  Massachusetts organization on arts and disability
  • VSA Minnesota:  Practical information for administrators, artists including those with disabilities, and audiences who have questions about creating and/or attending the arts.
  • Cultural Access New England (CANE): CANE was founded to advance access to cultural facilities in New England for people with disabilities of all types. CANE defines accessibility broadly, to include programmatic, architectural, physical, communication, attitudinal and other forms of access. CANE takes as a basic tenet that increasing accessibility for people with disabilities increases accessibility for everyone.
  • Massachusetts Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing
  • Theater Community Benevolent Fund Website: Provides financial relief and assistance to individual theater practitioners in MA with dignity discretion and compassion.