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  • ACE Act Hearing

    ACE Act Hearing

    An Act to improve accessibility within the creative economy, sponsored by Rep. Dan Donahue and Sen. Paul Mark, H.151/S.113, would establish the Accessibility in the Creative Economy (ACE) Fund to be distributed through the Massachusetts Office on Disability and provide grants to organizations focused on the arts, culture, humanities, and interpretive sciences that would remove…

  • VOX on NPR

    Check out Vox Interview with Sam Gould on National Public Radio’s All Things Considered and hear Sam and Arun Rath model best practices and self describe.  View the article from NPR Audio Transcript: Arun Rath: This is GBH’s All Things Considered. I’m Arun Rath. Every Friday, we like to bring you some joy from local communities…

  • Mike Tobia Award for Community Leadership

    Mike Tobia Award for Community Leadership

    Congratulations to President Sam Gould Kriveshko recipient of the Acton Boxborough United Way Mike Tobia Award for Community Leadership June 13 2023. The Award in honor and memory of Mike Tobia, recognizes an outstanding Community Leader, dedicated to serving residents’ needs with compassion and dignity, while fostering a sense of belonging for all.