Kennedy Center Leadership Exchange in Arts and Disabilities (LEAD)

“The LEAD conference not only introduces those new to the field to cultural accessibility solutions, but provides ongoing learning, support, camaraderie, and inspiration—necessary fuel for anyone working to change the status quo.  LEAD offers: One-of-a-kind professional development, Access to ideas, Access to experts, Networking, Practical Information and Experiential Opportunities.”

VOX was a partner in the planning this event and served as thought Leaders creating and teaching multiple capacity building workshops. VOX provided a brain trust of volunteers and access providers for the event (ASL, AD, sighted guides). VOX hosted an educational booth, held office hours where participants left with ideas and practices that could be immediately implemented.  VOX provided a ground breakingly inclusive after hours event for attendees at Embrace Boston to experience Arts Inclusion in action.

We can’t wait for Seattle 2024!

Group posing next to banner.
The Multiracial, Deaf, Disabled and exceptionally competent VOX Team in Power Purple Vox Shirts at the LEAD Booth banner reads Think Outside the Vox (logo with QR code) at the Intersection of Disability Justice & Arts Revolution